I pride myself in my knowledge and experience gained over years with invertebrates and fresh water aquarium fish.

In terms of my livestock, I carry the best products available at very competitive prices.

In the Invertebrate range, we stock Scorpions, Tarantulas, Funnel-Webs, Trapdoor Spiders, Golden Orb Spiders, Giant Water Spiders, Centipedes, etc.

We stock a Freshwater Aquarium range: Goldfish, Siamese Fighting Fish, Discus, Axolotl Walking Fish, Swordtails, Mollies, Platies, Neon Tetras, etc.

A good range of supplies and accessories is available at all times:
Enclosures, Substrates, Water Dishes, Hide Holes, Heat Mats and Heat Cords, Live Food for Invertebrates, etc.

My aquarium products include Fish Tanks, Aquarium Heaters and Lights, Water Conditioners and Filters, Air-pumps, Air Lines, Medications, Gravel, Rocks, Backgrounds, Just to name a few of our stocked items.

My latest obsession is my growing collection of freaky, quirky, realistic figurines made from good quality, long-lasting materials.